Which Meal Plan is the Best Fit for Me?

Which Meal Plan is the Best Fit for Me?

With so many meal plans to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on an eMeals plan that best fits your needs. That’s why we’ve decided to make things simple for you.

Are you Looking to Eat Healthier?

Quick and Healthy

If you’re looking for something quick, healthy, and tasty—this meal plan is for you. By using only 8 ingredients or less, we’re able to bring you simple, healthy dinners with minimum prep and cook time that totals 30 minutes or less. Each menu includes a full nutrition analysis and keeps calories, fat, and sodium in check.

Low Calorie

These delicious recipes provide no more than 500 calories per meal and include Weight Watchers Smart Points. We provide you with an accurate nutrition analysis for every meal, straight from our dietitians and food experts. These flavorful, low-calorie recipes are ones you’re sure to be saving for later.

Low Carb

We know calculating carbs can be a hassle, that’s why we love our Low Carb meal plan. These recipes focus on weight and blood sugar control, including nutrition information and net carb calculations. Each meal contains no more than 20g net carbs and utilize fresh, whole ingredients for delicious meal solutions. We’ve given you a run-down of the Low Carb meal plan here, to help you decide if this is the right plan for you.

Another option: Heart Healthy

Clean Eating

The Clean Eating meal plan is our approach to incorporating whole, unprocessed foods into the everyday diet. These recipes encourage fresh fruits and vegetables, minimally processed meats and grains, healthy fats, and unrefined foods. If you value fresh meals cooked with real ingredients, consider choosing this meal plan (we like to call it a lifestyle choice). For more information on Clean Eating, head over to our blog to discover if this is the right meal plan for you.


The Mediterranean diet is one often recommended to those experiencing a chronic illness, but has recently become known as a well-balanced eating approach for people of all populations and health status. This meal plan emphasizes lean meats, fatty fish, heart-healthy oils, nuts and seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information on the Mediterranean Diet, visit the eMeals blog.

• Another option: Quick and Healthy 

Do You Have Any Food Restrictions/Allergies?

Gluten Free

If you’re struggling to find practical ways to follow a gluten-free diet, we may have an answer for you. We work hard each week to offer simple, healthy recipes that taste good and will leave you feeling even better. We emphasize a fresh, wholesome approach to healthy eating, and leave the heavily processed products on the shelf.


This plan features plant-based, wholesome recipes that are great for all populations, vegan or not. With our approachable cooking methods, you’ll find some favorites after just one week of meals! For more information on the Vegan meal plan, take a quick look here.


This meal plan values dietitian-approved protein-rich foods that are plant-based and approachable for all populations. Using minimally processed foods like eggs, tofu, fruits, vegetables, and grains, you’ll enjoy your time in the kitchen while discovering your new favorite recipes.


For this meal plan the focus is on low-carb, high-fat meals that are packed with well-balanced, wholesome ingredients. With our team of dietitians, we ensure the macro breakdown averages 60% to 80% fat, 20% to 30% protein, and 5% to 10% carbohydrates per meal. With this plan, you’ll never have to worry about calculating your carbs, protein, and fat—we’ve already done the work for you, and our nutrition analysis (along with net carbs) are available to you with every meal.


For this meal plan we’re waving goodbye to heavily processed foods, and saying hello to natural, whole foods packed with nutrients, protein, and healthy oils. This gluten and dairy-free plan is perfect for protein and natural-food lovers. For a quick Paleo 101, visit our blog.

• Another option: Low Carb

Will You be Cooking for a Family?

Kid Friendly

While all of our meal plans are family-friendly, this plan is perfect for those picky eaters who love a tasty meal with familiar flavors and textures. These dietitian-approved recipes keep the healthy growth and development of your children in mind by incorporating familiar flavors and nourishing ingredients that are sure to put a smile on faces and tummies.

30 Minute

If you’re exhausted after a long day and don’t quite have the time you need to put an extravagant meal on the table for those hungry mouths, our 30 Minute meal plan may be right for you. Scaled up or down for various portions, this plan includes meals with 10 ingredients or less, and it’s perfect for singles, couples, or the entire family. Many meals are one-dish meals or skillet dinners, too.

Slow Cooker

We get it. Sometimes hands-off cooking sounds more appealing than roasting, boiling, or baking. We love this meal plan simply because with a little bit of morning meal prep, you’ll have a warm meal waiting for you when you get home. This meal plan includes both clean eating and paleo meals, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves to lighten prep time in the kitchen.

• Another option: Budget Friendly


Do You Have Health Requirements?


Our Diabetic meal plan is designed to bring well-balanced, heart-healthy meals to your table. We publish 4 meals per week with 50 to 60 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 meals per week with 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates. We’ve included the total calorie, carbohydrate, and fiber counts of each meal, so that you have all the information you need before digging into the nourishing meal. Not only is this plan for those with diabetes, it’s perfect for those looking for simple, healthy meals that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Heart Healthy

In this meal plan we provide heart-healthy recipes that are carb controlled, sodium controlled, and provide less than 500 calories, 5g saturated fat, and 800mg of sodium. We focus on the American Heart Association’s guidelines, which means we emphasize whole grains, lean meats, and heart-healthy oils in our recipes while using natural herbs and spices to enhance taste and flavor. For more information on a heart healthy eating approach, visit our blog.

• Other options: Gluten Free, Low Carb


Do You Value Nutrition Information?

 As of January 2022, all 15 meal plans have nutritional information moving forward. 

Are You Looking to Save Money?

Budget Friendly

If you’ve caught yourself wondering how to put a tasty meal on the table without breaking the budget, our Budget Friendly meal plan is one you’ll definitely want to consider. With fast and affordable brand-new recipes each week, this plan emphasizes freezer-friendly meals that are both family- and kid-friendly, all while keeping your grocery budget under $95 per week.

• Another option: Quick and Healthy

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