What kind of companies does eMeals partner with?

What kind of companies does eMeals partner with?

eMeals partners with a wide range of grocery retailers, CPG brands, and wellness companies. For more information, please reach out to: https://emeals.com/partner/ 

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    • Is it possible to purchase eMeals subscriptions as a group benefit for my employees?

      Yes, eMeals offers bulk sales of the eMeals app to businesses and organizations. Please reach out to us at https://emeals.com/partner/
    • How is eMeals different than Meal Kits?

      What’s the difference between eMeals and a meal kit?  With simpler recipes, easier grocery shopping, less food waste, and more convenience, eMeals differs from meal kits in a variety of ways.  Variety of Meal Plans  With 15 different meal plans to ...
    • eMeals & Weight Watchers

      In 2021, Weight Watchers made changes their points system which customizes the points to the individual.  Additionally, they have restricted access to the points calculator.  Because of these changes, eMeals will not be calculating Weight Watcher ...
    • Does eMeals provide nutritional information?

      eMeals strives to make eating healthy at home a hassle-free task. At this time, we provide nutritional information for our Keto, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Clean Eating, Quick and Healthy, Diabetic and Heart Healthy plans.  Our meal plan writers strive ...
    • How much does eMeals cost?

      eMeals is an affordable way to keep dinner hassle-free! Check out our plan options below: Dinner 3 months: $35.99 12 months: $59.99 (Best value!) Breakfast (available to add on to your dinner) 3 months: $8.99 12 months: $29.99 Lunch (available to add ...