How do you change your primary plan?

How do you change your primary plan?

How do you change your primary plan in the app:

You can now easily access multiple food style plans without having to switch your primary plan. But if you’d like to change the view of your primary meal plan simply follow these easy steps: 

1. Click on 'Account' from the eMeals app.
2.  Under 'Your Subscriptions,' you'll see your primary dinner plan (add-ons will be listed here as well.)
3.  To change your dinner plan, click 'change' to the right and you'll be directed to a list of all our food styles.
4.  Select the new food style you'd prefer, choose your serving size, tap "Choose this plan" and this will become your primary plan. (While you will always have a primary plan, remember, you have access to ALL recipes from every food style!)

How do you change your primary plan on the website:

You can change your meal plan style as many times as you would like in the 'My Meal Plans' section on our website. You can also preview the current week's plan before switching to it.

Follow these simple steps to switch your plan from the website:

1. Log into your account and click on 'Need More Dinner Ideas?'
2. Click on the meal plan you wish to change to.
3. Click on click on 'Switch to this Meal Plan'
4. Confirm family size.
5. Click on 'Choose this Plan'

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