How to build a weekly meal plan with eMeals app

How do I build my weekly Meal Plan?

Each week eMeals uses publishes 7 new recipes per meal plan giving you new inspiration weekly without overwhelming you with options.

#1 Start with your Dinner Plan
Each week you will get 7 new recipes on your primary meal plan. Start here and browse the new recipes. A lot of customers build their weekly plan solely on their new plan, but if you aren't able to get everything you are wanting, here are a few steps to get the full value of eMeals.

#2 Browse other Meal Plans
Want to add some variety? You will always have access to all 15 plans and can quickly and easily browse new recipes in other plans by clicking 'New More Inspiration' button under your main plan on the home tab of the app.

#3 Supplement with Collections
Some weeks you might not feel the new recipes. Our collection plans are a great place to browse for additional ideas. Its like having 45 cook books in the palm of your hand! Each collection is built off recipes that have already been a hit in our weekly plans coupled by theme. 

#4 Check out Occassion Plans 
Is it a holiday week or just hosting a fun event? Our Occassion Plans are great for entertaining and provide a full menu for the event. This is also a great place to pull recipes that are a little more involved if you have some extra time one night. Recipes tend to take longer and have a longer ingredient list.

#5 Reference Favorites
Once you've gotten a few weeks in, favorites is a good place to pull recipes you know the family already likes. 

#6 Recall Previous Plans
Forget to favorite a meal from previous weeks? Or just want to relook through previous weeks? Easily browse by clicking 'View Previous Plans' at the bottom of the home screen (Meal Plans Tab) in the app.

Finished Meal Planning? Click here to learn how to finish building your grocer lists each week.

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