How do you delete a shopping list?

How do you delete a shopping list?

There are two easy ways to clear your shopping list. You can delete all the meals off your current shopping list or start a new list.

How to remove meals from list. Navigate to the shopping list tap, click 'Meal Recipes' and tap 'Remove' on each meal. The app will confirm you 'Tap to Confirm' when removing. Once you remove all meals, your shopping list will be empty.


Another way clear your list is by starting a new list. When you start a new list, your 'Current List' will move to 'Previous List.' This is beneficial so you can start planning your new grocery order/week, but still have access to all the meal's from this week's plan to cook.

To start a new shopping list, add any meal from the app. The app will then prompt you asking if you would list to start a new list. If you select 'Yes' all meals on your current plan will move to 'Previous List.' If you select no, meals will be added to your current list along with any meals already on your list.

Note: The app won't prompt to ask if you want to start a new list when adding meals for another 24 hours once you've selected 'Yes' or 'No.' 


Learn how to edit your shopping list here.

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