How do you cancel your subscription through iTunes?

How do you cancel your subscription through iTunes?

eMeals subscriptions are available for purchase through the Apple App Store! When you sign up through the App Store, you can cancel your trial or account renewal through the settings on your mobile device. If you received a charge from Apple, you will need to contact their support team regarding a refund since they processed your subscription payment. 

To cancel through iTunes using your iPhone:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select 'iTunes and App Store'
3. Select your Apple ID (in blue, you will see your own personal Apple ID)
4. Select 'View Apple ID'
5. Depending on your settings, you'll most likely have to enter your iTunes password at this point
6. Select 'Subscriptions'
7. You should see eMeals under'Active Subscriptions'
8. Select eMeals
9. Select 'Cancel Subscription' to end the subscription

Note: Deleting the app from your smart device will not cancel your subscription. 

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      To manage your subscription, go to the account section of the app or to the eMeals Member Area at If you signed up using iTunes / Apple Subscriptions, see How do you cancel your subscription through iTunes. ...
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      You can confirm current and past subscriptions by visiting On this screen you can edit and update your credit card information. You can also confirm your previous subscriptions and current subscriptions. ...
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