How can I share eMeals recipes with My Fitness Pal?

How can I share eMeals recipes with My Fitness Pal?

Helping you maintain a balanced diet is important to us at eMeals! You can easily share any eMeals recipes to the My Fitness Pal app to get a full nutritional breakdown. Just follow the steps below:

1. Open the eMeals app and access the recipe you want to transfer. 
2. Click "Share at the bottom of the recipe page and text the link to yourself.
3. Once you text the link, copy the URL to your clipboard.
4. Open the My Fitness Pal app and click "Add" to add a meal.
5. Choose the "Recipes" tab.
6. Choose "Add Recipe" and then "Import from web."
7. Paste the recipe URL and click "Go."
8. Choose the recipe and confirm the ingredients.
9. Save and log!

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