We have three different ways for members to retrieve meal plans: through the ‘My Meal Plans’ page on our site, via email or our free mobile app.

Through Your Account:
1.  Log into Your Account through the website
2.  Click on ‘My Meal Plans' in the top right corner of our site, then locate the field that lists your plan 
3.  Click on 'This Week's Plan' or 'Last Week's Plan' to download

Via Email:
Your weekly menus are delivered every Wednesday to the email address you have on your account. If you aren't seeing your menus, be sure to check your SPAM folder and adjust your inbox settings to allow them to deliver directly. 

Mobile App
1.  Log into your mobile app using your username and password.
2.  Your meal plans will be ready to view! 

Need extra help? You can contact Customer Success by email (support@emeals.com), Live Chat on our website, or call us directly at 800-372-4811.

Hours of Operation:
M-F 8AM-7PM • Sat 8AM-5PM (CST)