Updating credit card information must be done through your eMeals account prior to your renewal day.  To update your Credit Card, follow the steps below:

1.  Log into your eMeals account
2.  Scroll down to Manage Account
3.  Click on 'Update Credit Card Info'
4.  Insert new credit card information in the fields provided (do not include dashes)
4.  Click on "Update Info" and you're done!

If the credit card is expired or no longer valid when the system runs your renewal, the account will automatically be closed.  In the event that your account is closed, please follow these steps to reactivate your account with your new credit card information:

1.  Log into your eMeals account
2.  Scroll down to Order Additional Subscriptions
3.  Click on "Add Another Meal Plan"
4.  Select the meal plan options you prefer
5.  Follow the steps to complete the registration including your new credit card information

Once you have completed these steps, your account will be active with your new credit card information.  

Need extra help? Contact our Customer Success anytime by email (support@emeals.com), live chat on the website, or call us directly at 
205-377-7701 or 800-372-4811