Absolutely!  You can change your plan as many times as you would like in the 'My Meal Plans' section on our site.  You can also preview the current week's plan online before switching to it!!

Follow these simple steps to switch your plan from your eMeals account:
1.  Once logged in to your account, click on 'My Meal Plans.'
2.  Click on 'Switch To Another Meal Plan' link out to the right of your active plan, 
3.  Click on the 'style' plan you wish to previewand choose your family size, 
4.  Click on 'Switch to This Plan' to make the change
You will have the option to change the plan size and store option, if available, once you have switched to the desired plan!

You also have the option to switch from the free mobile app:
1. Log into your eMeals account through the mobile app and click on the "Meal Plans" icon at the bottom of the screen
2. Click on This Week's meal plan to open the list of 7 recipes and scroll down to the bottom of the page
3. Where you see  "Are these recipes missing the mark?  Try another meal plan style", click to be directed to the 'style' page;
4. Select the style to preview the current week's plan.  If you decide you would like to switch to this option, click to "Switch to this plan"
5. Choose your size (family or for 2)
6. If the style plan you selected is available with pricing for the stores we feature, a list of store(s) will appear.  If a list does not show then you will be notified that the plan you selected works at any store. You've successfully switched!

If you have any questions, contact Customer Success by email (support@emeals.com), Live Chat on our website, or call us directly at 205-377-7701 or 800-372-4811.

We look forward to hearing from you!