The goal of the eMeals Clean Eating meal plan is to provide a practical way to feed your family real, minimally processed foods. To this end, our aim is to give you recipes that strike a healthy balance between natural, unprocessed ingredients and timesaving, easy-to-prepare dishes.  There are many varying definitions of “clean eating,” but most agree that “clean” foods are those that are minimally processed and do not contain artificial ingredients or additives. In today’s busy world, it would be unrealistic to try to eat 100% “clean” foods, as many staples, such as bread, cheese, and milk are all processed in some way. In our meal plan, we focus on limiting highly processed ingredients and including more healthy and natural foods.

Eat More: Fresh fruits and vegetables, Lean meats and protein, Whole grains, Low-fat dairy
Eat Less: Refined white sugar and grains, Artificial sweeteners
We understand that the degree to which individuals wish to adhere to a “clean” diet varies. When shopping for your meal plan, read the ingredient labels, and choose products with the least artificial ingredients. Our hope is to provide you with a framework for healthier, cleaner eating, and you have the flexibility to make substitutions that fit into your personal preference and definition of "clean" eating.