We have three different ways for members to retrieve meal plans: through the ‘My Meal Plans’ page on our site, via email or our free mobile app.

Through Your Account:
1.  Log into Your Account through the website
2.  Click on ‘My Meal Plans' in the top right corner of our site, then locate the field that lists your plan 
3.  Click on 'This Week's Plan' or 'Last Week's Plan' to download

Via Email:
All new members automatically receive their plans via email.  Prior members who wish to add this feature follow these steps:

1.  Log into Your eMeals Account
2.  Scroll down to 'Manage Account'
3.  Click on 'Edit Account and Login Information'
4.  Place a check in the box located by 'Deliver menus by email'
5.  Click on 'Save Profile'
6.  Your account should now be set to send your plans via email

Mobile App
1.  Log into your mobile app using your username and password.
2.  You meal plans will be ready to view! 

*Please note -- the mobile app will store all plans from the time of its installation going forward. 

Members can also opt to not receive their plans via email by following the same steps above by removing the check mark from the box.  Please note that in the event of an email transmission error, you always have access to your meal plan through your account page or our mobile app.

Need extra help!?  Reach us anytime by email (support@emeals.com), Live Chat on our website, or call us directly at 205-377-7701 or 800-372-4811.