How to use the Shopping List Feature

The Shopping List feature in the app now allows you to easily mix and match the recipes you and your family will enjoy!  You can personalize your meals by picking recipes from any plan and finding what will best fit your schedule and preferred eating style for a given week!
From the home screen, you have access to the full range of recipes from any meal plan!

1. To get started, choose any recipe and it will be added to your current shopping list.  You will find a list of recipes by clicking on your primary, recently viewed, and past plans.  If you need more dinner ideas, simply click the green 'Need more dinner ideas?' button.

2. Click on the orange +ADD TO LIST button under each individual recipe and that recipe will be added to your current shopping list!

3. You will be asked if you'd like to start a new shopping list.  Select YES to begin a new list and NO if you'd like to add recipes to your current list. (A green box with 'added' will appear to let you know that the recipe is now on your shopping list.)

4.  Repeat these steps until you have completed the recipes needed for the week!  Make sure to add any other household items needed to your shopping list by clicking on the 'add item' button on the top right corner.  
If you need further assistance, our Customer Success team would love to help!  Simply reach out by email to, through live chat from our website or call us directly at 205-377-7701 or 800-372-4811