Our Mediterranean Meal Plan incorporates the traditional foods of the Mediterranean region, including Italy, Greece and Spain.  The plan includes recipes that focus on common ingredients from this region, such as olive oil, whole grains, beans and legumes, fresh vegetables, fruits and fish.  It will use minimally processed, fresh, natural ingredients! You can expect three to four hearty, meatless dishes, two fish or seafood meals and one chicken or turkey-based recipe each week.  There will be occasional red meat dinners throughout the month.  These recipes are all delivered in the same convenient eMeals format with a coordinating shopping list available to print or on view our mobile app. 

Featured Foods:

Fresh vegetables and fruit
Whole grains
Fish and seafood (at least twice a week)
Lean poultry (once a week)
Healthy fats (mainly olive oil, olives and nuts)
Beans and legumes
Dairy (including cheese and Greek yogurt)

Minimized Foods:

Red meat (only once or twice a month)
Saturated fats (butter, mayonnaise and sour cream)

Want to know the health benefits of the Mediterranean eating style?  Check out this eMeals blog post for further health information!

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